Halloween 2016 Makeup Ideas (first part)

Hello Friends!

I admit that I really don’t love autumn. I mean the only things really beautiful in fall season are the trees’ colors. In my opinion, except for the colors, this season is too much uncertainly: I don’t know what wear because now it I cold but it can turn hot in few hours, the sky are pretty much always grey and it rains… and I hate rain!

Although all the reasons I showed above, October for me is special because of Halloween. Especially after my first Halloween in New York (it was an awesome experience), I love the atmosphere of the days and the weeks before Halloween and the preparation for that night. I spent pretty much all my October in figured out new makeup, costumes, decorations and so on and I love to reproduce them by myself!


I completely falling in love for Halloween each single year, I love to discover new things about it. Past year, I made a research about the old Halloween traditions and origins (Halloween is coming!), I started to makeup myself for that night (Halloween’s Makeup Tutorials, Last Minute Halloween’s Makeup), I figured out how manage each aspects for a perfect Halloween Party at Home (Home made Halloween Party part 1, Home made Halloween Party part 2) and, of course I made some DIY decorations (Trick or Treat Tutorials…).

Of course at that time I shared my ideas with you even though now I have few spare time and I’m really busy,Trick or treat I cannot give up my Halloween preparation rituals and in the next days I’ll show you my 2016 ideas!
In the past days I saw some interesting ideas for Halloween makeup, and I made my version of them. As you know my philosophy is to make by myself my costumes, makeup and decorations. I believe that a good make up is enough for a perfect Halloween look, terrific makeup, total black dressed and that’s all, you’re ready for an Halloween party!

Let’s see my first two Halloween 2016 Makeup ideas:

In 2015 I discover the liquid latex and I fall in love for it! It is amazing tool and with this you can realize infinite effects. You can buy it in specialized shops or online shop (like Amazon) for few dollars. It is awesome also because it is really easy to remove it from your skin and also from other surfaces. I love it!

The first makeup is based on liquid latex and Kleenex and it is inspired from a Batman bad character: Twoface!
I started with a complete pretty normal makeup on an half part of my face, and on the other part I realized a sort of burnt skin with latex and Kleenex.

  • What you need for the Half Face burnt:
  •  Usual makeup for one part of your face (I included the false lashes for a more dramatic effect);
  •  Liquid latex;
  •  Kleenex;
  •  Red cream eyeshadow (I used a pallet bought in a specialized shop with creamy colors like white, red and black);
  •  Powder red and black eye shadows;
  •  Brushes and makeup sponges.

Here the video tutorial in which I showed you how I made my makeup.

The second idea is pretty common, indeed online you can find a tons of Mexican skulls, and some of them are real pieces of art. I’m not a makeup artists but I decided to realize my personal Mxican skull and I customized it with my personal touch: some tiny rhinestone and diamonds close to the eyes.

Compared with the first proposal maybe the Mexican skull is the easier one, but you need a lot of patience and to be a little precise especially for the eyes decoration.

  • What you need for a Mexican Skull:
  • White and black foundations (or creamy eyeshadows);
  • Black lipstick;
  •  Black eyeliner;
  •  Black eye pencil;
  •  Creamy red eyeshadow;
  •  False lashes glue;
  •  Rhinestones;
  •  Brushes and makeup sponges.

Here the video tutorial

These are my first two Halloween proposals for 2016, I hope to post a bunch of other proposals in the next days. Please remember I’m not a professional makeup artist and I’m not a professional video maker! I made my videos and posts only for share some ideas with you, I don’t want to teach something!

I hope you enjoy this post, and I hope it could be a starting point for your Halloween ideas as well!
Let me know In the comments box below your feedback and suggestions and show me on my social pages you Halloween Makeup!

See you soon!

Stay Tuned!

Tricks in this post:
1. Some facts about Halloween: please read my 2015 posts!
2. I love liquid latex: Half Face Burnt makeup
3. My first time with Mexican Skull

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