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Here we are! Minus three day to Christmas!  Are you ready? If not, and if you miss something for your party or if you forget some gift, I suggest to take a look of my previous posts! Today I’ll show you some last minute decorations for your Holidays, easy and quick to realize. These decorations are a good idea for having a relax moment for us, but also for our kids. As you know schools are closed for winter break and kids are at home, really excited and full of energy! How we can include them to our preparations? How we can spent some good time with our kids, nephews and little cousins? How manage them meanwhile we prepare the last things for our party, without using TV Shows?

It is easy, you need a few simply stuff and that’s it! Craft works funny and easy could be the solution, and we will show with pride the results!

Here some of mine projects and tutorials. I hope they could be helpful and they could be an inspiration for somebody!

Let’s see what I’ve done!

1. Paper Garland

This project is really simple and the result is graceful and cute. I hanged up my garland on my apartment’s door and a lot of neighbours asked me about it because they love it! It was actually impressive to see the surprise on their faces when I told them of which material the garland is made! Let me explain… All that you need for this projects is:

  • Paper Rolls;
  • Green color;
  • Modeling Clay, or mistletoe berries, or red buttons or red paper balls;
  • Hot glue, brushes and ribbons (I used a simply wool string);
  • Some stuff for hanging up the garland (I used 4 pieces of adhesive poster putty)

See the video for figure out how I made it!


2. Wool Balls

Reasy project. You need:

  • Balloons;
  • Wool string (or other string you prefer);Electric Candles
  • Vinyl glue and water.

It is a good idea use some stuff to protect our table from the glue. At the end, when the ball is ready and completely dry you can push in it a little electric candle (you can buy them everywhere, I bought mine at Walgreen for 2 or 3 Dollars).

This balls are really light and you can use them on your Christmas tree. But I promise, they are really cute also hanged up on the windows (This year I used them in this way).

3. Plastic Snow Globe

This is my last project for today. Actually is a real recycling project! You need a few stuffs, and you could have everything you need at home!

  • Empty plastic bottles;
  • Colored ribbons;
  • Polystyrene balls (I crushed some polystyrene from a packaging);
  • Hot glue.

There are few steps for this work and I’ll show you all steps on the video below. You have to pay attention using hot glue on plastic! I suggest to use very few glue directly on plastic and a good trick is use the glue when the glue gun is not completely warmed up (in this case the glue has a low temperature and doesn’t damage the plastic).

You can also put into the globe a little figure and few balls of polystyrene. In this case it look like a real Snow Globe. On the web there are a lot of different ideas of snow globe. This is mine, but actually I want to try other ideas, and of course, I’ll show you my results!

Anyway, it is all for today! I hope you enjoy this post and you like my works. Leave comments, suggestions, requests and feedbacks in the comment box below, they are really important for me!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everybody!

Stay Tuned

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