Christmas 2017: DIY Home Decorations

Hello friends!

Here we are, Christmas is just around the corner, and you have some trouble in decorating your own apartment? No panic! In the past few day I made some cute Christmas decorations and I filmed all of my works for showing you my ideas and my DIY projects for this 2017 Christmas.

Although you can buy fancy decorations everywhere for few euros, it is true as well that it is way better to make your own Christmas decoration by yourself. At last it doesn’t really matter if they are not perfect, they will be absolutely cute and made with love.

Let’s see what I’ve done for this Christmas!

At NoPanic home making a proper main door decoration is a sort of tradition. It is not really important which is the event, Halloween, Valentine day, Easter or Christmas, if you came to my home you’ll find a themed main door decoration!

1. A Fluffy Wellcome

This is the first project for today’s post. It is a wreath for the main door made with fluffy fabric flowers (made in felt). All that you need for making this wreath is: some felt sheets in different shade of green and red, some cardboard (it will be the structure of the wreath) and some hot glue.

It was pretty easy to make it , in the following video I’ll show you the main steps for making your own Christmas wreath.

2. A Preacius Christmas Flowers

This is the second project that I want to show you today. The main idea was to use all the left overed little pieces of felt. I started to fold the little pieces of fabric and I decided to make my own poinsettia flowers.These flowers are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree or the Christmas table. They are perfect as well for being used in the wrapping of the gifts.

For this DIY project you need: triangles of fabric (at least 6 triangles for the flower’s petals and 2 green triangles for the leafs), some hot glue, and some tiny pearls for decorating the center of the flowers.

In the next movie you can see how I made my poinsettia’s flowers.

3. A Taste of Wood

Dulcis in fundo here my favorite projet. It is another door’s wreath but for me this one is special. The idea jumped in my mind suddenly and the final results was’t so clear at the beginning. I simply started to work on it and I added some detail until I was completely satisfied and proud of my work.

All that you need is some pine cones (I used 25/30 pine cones, but the number it really depends from the dimension you choose for your wreath) some cardboard (it will be the hidden frame of your wreath), some dried slices of tangerine (I cut the slices and I let it dry overnight on the radiator) I added also some tiny branch of old Christmas decorations a ribbon made of raffia and, of course, some hot glue.

Following the movie in which I’ll show my project.

In each project I made, there was a common tool, that is my best friends in my DIY projects: my hot glue gun. The truth is: give me a hot glue gun and I’ll decorate the home!

I hope you enjoy these ideas and this post! Let me know what do you think about it in the comment box below!

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If you are interested in additional DIY Christmas ideas


Stay Tuned!

Tricks in this post:
1. how I made my fluffy wreath;
2. how I made the poinsettia flowers;
3. how I made my wooden wreath.




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